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Bay Basket Amber


The Bay Basket is a structured but smooth textured, oversized carry-all designed in the shape of a traditional basket. Crafted in South India, these bag takes a week or longer to make each bag depending on the complexity of the weave. 

The leather is from a sustainable source and is organically vegetable dyed by hand, using extracts from various trees. This is a traditional tanning process. 

Our Fisher's Weave bags are all hand-made by women with a long tradition of weaving fishing nets and straw baskets. The work provides employment and has been instrumental in improving the lives of these skilled women and their families. 

The traditional weaving techniques produce a beautiful, sturdy bag, built to last a lifetime. 

  • W55cm L28.5cm D16.5cm
  • 100% hand-woven leather with no stitching
  • Unlined inner

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