Byrne and Love

Harlot Candle


Tuberose, jasmine & bergamot

Sweet and alluring, our Harlot candle is the olfactory quintessence of femme fatales and sensual women alike.

As the spicy top note of Italian bergamot dissolves, the robust heart notes of white rose and jasmine come to the fore. Then, tropical tuberose unapologetically drifts into the space with its titillating suggestion of intimacy.

In fact, it was said that, to the Victorians tuberose was so agonisingly seductive that women were warned not to get too close lest an accidental whiff rouse daring desire.

This trio of strong, floral notes then rests gently on a bed of hushed vanilla flower, leaving behind a lingering aromatic autograph of bold and dazzling femininity. 

Top: Italian bergamot
Heart: Tropical tuberose blossom, White rose petals, Jasmine buds
Base: Vanilla flower

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