Byrne and Love

Muse Candle


Clove Bud & Waterlily

This bright and beguiling fragrance rejoices in the beauty, splendour, and complexity of women. 

At its apex, rich and spicy clove bud dances with warm ginger root and sensual orange leaf. At its heart, femininity in all its glory is boldly celebrated through an intoxicating concoction of ylang ylang, rose blossom and lightly sweet waterlily.

The inherent strength and warmth of women is embodied in the balmy base notes of black musk, earthy cedarwood and creamy vanilla.

In our eyes, fellow woman and muse Frida Kahlo said it best when she remarked, “I am my own muse.” So, this one is for women, by women, a beautiful way to come back to yourself.

Top:      Clove Bud, Ginger Root, Orange Leaf

Heart:    Ylang Ylang, Rose Blossom, Water Lily

Base:    Black Musk, Cedarwood, Vanilla Bean

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